Evolving to Become a Value-Based Strategic Partner

Over the past decade, the healthcare landscape has changed dramatically with an increased emphasis on engagement with a broader set of stakeholders and an expanded focus on value-based therapies. Most importantly, demonstrating real-world utility beyond regulatory approval has become the new hallmark of success.


Medical Affairs is uniquely positioned to address these dynamics as the only strategic function that touches a new therapy along the entire product development continuum.


A third strategic pillar alongside R&D and Commercial


Syneos Health Medical Affairs provides life sciences companies with the depth and breadth of medical affairs expertise needed to optimize product development.


We deliver strategic insight, scientific expertise, organizational excellence and purposeful engagement via a full suite of offerings that support evidence-based strategies across the product development continuum.

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Innovative yet pragmatic solutions to real-life challenges facing your asset or organization


As you guide your innovation from the earliest phases of discovery through real-world clinical practice, we have the decades-long, hands-on experience to help navigate the complexities of today while laying the foundation for tomorrow:


  • Focus on the Future: We are focused on where the industry is going, not stuck on where it has been. We believe strategic engagement by medical affairs leaders can optimize launch trajectories years in advance.
  • Practical and Connected Strategy & Execution: Our connected and multidisciplinary model results in long-term strategies that translate into the executable solutions needed to drive positive perception of clinical and patient value.
  • Fully Integrated Evidence Capabilities: Real world evidence (RWE) is fully integrated across our Medical Affairs offering, enabling us to consider holistic evidentiary needs for highlighting product value to key stakeholders, complementing our heritage in traditional clinical research.
  • Next-Generation Leadership Development: As medical affairs professionals engage with an increasingly diverse range of stakeholders and require new skills, we emphasize learning agility and business acumen to build high-performing teams.


Wherever you are in your Medical Affairs journey …


… We are uniquely positioned to offer both standalone and integrated medical affairs solutions that can lead to greater clinical and commercial success and improved patient outcomes – accelerating the potential of your asset, portfolio of products and your evolving organization.


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