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Joel Roberts

Associate Director, Site & Patient Access, Syneos Health

Joel Roberts brings nearly a decade of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry to his role on the Site & Patient Access team at Syneos Health. As a patient engagement strategist, Roberts focuses on increasing trial awareness, reducing trial burden and removing barriers to participation to improve patient recruitment and retention in clinical trials worldwide.



Leigh Householder

Managing Director, Omnichannel Strategy

Leigh Householder is a founding leader in Kinetic, the modern customer engagement capability at Syneos Health. She and her team leverage advanced targeting, analytics and the latest technologies to address business-critical challenges with greater precision, efficiency and effectiveness. Leigh is obsessed with what people do (data) and why they do it (behavioral psychology) in equal measure. She integrates the two to make omnichannel excellence accessible to healthcare organizations.

Leigh began her career creating digital, social and loyalty strategies for Fortune 1000 brands. Ten years ago, she made the move to healthcare and never looked back. Prior to moving to Syneos Health, she held several leadership roles at our largest agency, GSW.  There, she founded an innovation practice fueled by the zeitgeist and spearheaded digital and innovation thinking across the business.



Featured Presentations: 


Hedging Against Crisis: Relieving Burden on Patients Participating in Clinical Trials

12月 1, 2020 - Time TBD

Presented by: Joel Roberts, Associate Director, Site & Patient Access

  • Effectively evaluate critical risk areas of high patient burden when planning clinical trials and determine how to act on those risks.
  • Drive patient-centered trial design as well as greater study team awareness around areas of patient recruitment or retention risk.
  • Utilize patient burden data to adapt protocol or adequately mitigate potential risks, and support increased enrollment and retention in clinical studies.


The Why to the What: How Data Science and Behavioral Science Have Come Together to Earn Change, Loyalty and Even Better Health

12月 1, 2020 - 7:00 AM EST

Presented by: Leigh Householder, EVP & Managing Director, Kinetic, Syneos Health

  • Identify six intrinsic human needs that, if not met, are likely to interrupt a patient’s path to clinical trial participation, start of treatment, or long term adherence to therapy – and uncover new ways to reduce friction along the way.
  • Leverage new, simple segmentation methods to evolve and amplify communications to encourage patient engagement.
  • Utilize best practices in omnichannel to activate motivating, personal content at speed and scale.


Tue, Dec 01, 01:15 pm to Fri, Dec 04, 01:15 pm
Philadelphia Marriott Old City Hotel
One Dock Street, Society Hill
Philadelphia, PA 19106
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