March 4, 2022

After another year of uncertainty, near constant recalculations and lightspeed innovation - including untold experience cycles that have shown leaders what is possible in a crisis – pharma must align itself with sustainable acceleration throughout the product lifecycle. Maintaining this momentum is key to unlocking the next phase of hyper-personalization with HCPs, patients and other stakeholders while advancing commercial strategies through advanced analytics, data science and talent pool ready for the next round of innovation. 
In this video, experts from Syneos Health, AbbVie, Amgen and AstraZeneca talk about the biggest trends and potential disruptions facing the industry in 2022, as well as emerging commercial models and approaches. Key learnings include:

  • Optimizing human + digital tactics to fuel more efficient and deeper levels of engagement
  • Utilizing advanced analytics to transform commercial operations and integrate best practices of agile data science
  • Building a future-ready talent pipeline
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